Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lovely Vintage Finds

I have this real love of all things vintage.  I have a desire to go back to when toys were simple and wood and baby clothing was simple and adorable with small wonderful details.

The first one I found was this adorable little lightweight dress at an antique store right in my hometown.  I love the soft yellow, little cap sleeves and the trim on the bottom but my favorite is the little embroidery details and the itty-bitty pintucks along the neck.
I found this jacket at an estate sale.  It was clear by the woman's collection that she hand sewed a lot of her children's clothes.  She also embroidered and appliqued quite a bit.  I loved the style of this jacket and the little appliqued kitty.

I have a few more items I got from this sale but I'm reworking them so that will be a future project (and post)!  Does anyone else get nervous when reworking something vintage?  Does it ever feel to you a little like you're violating the original creator's plan?

Well I love vintage items and will continue to add to my collection as I find items I love.  What I've found to be key is being very picky with these items so I don't wind up hoarding them!