Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheater Quilter

Okay, okay I know I asked if I was cheating when I sewed those blankets/play pads with the pre-quilted fabric.  This is probably slightly less "cheaty."  I desperately want to love quilting.  When I see beautifully pieced quilts I want to quilt for hours and hours and create quilts that look like works of art.  But (there had to be a but) when I sit down to start one of these quilts that will take me hours and hours (or days and days) I just can't, or maybe don't want to, do it.  I lose all of my motivation and want to walk away from my sewing machine so; I cheat!  I call this less "cheaty" because I actually did cut out squares, lay it out and sew rows together and then sewed those rows together into a quilt.  I enjoyed it, I liked the outcome and I'm completely okay with me not being a serious quilter now.  I'm going to keep trying my cheating methods and look up some very simple quilting techniques and muster up some motivation to quilt!

Oh yeah, I used some pre-quilted backing as well (double-cheating!)

Did I mention I just sewed around the outside edge?  No, well I did (triple-cheating?) I haven't actually quilted anything here.  I still like it!

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