Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sewing Honeymoon

Ahh, if sewing the School Days Jacket + Coat our long term relationships has continued and the Honeymoon was the School Photo Dress.  Another ADORABLE creation from Oliver + S with the perfect little details.  My favorite detail?  The front pocket to tuck two little hands you could look at the dress without noticing it since it's tucked nicely into those front seams!

I love how finished the lining makes the inside look
I learned a lot about zipper sewing during this pattern.  I really enjoy how hidden the zipper is and that when it's zipped up it's barely noticeable.  I'll definitely do a lot more with invisible zippers in the future!

I opted for the flat collar rather than the ruffled one but I'm looking forward to doing this pattern again as well!

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