Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Falling in LOVE with Sewing

This garment made me fall completely head over heals in love with sewing!  The AMAZING feeling I got upon the completion was so wonderful I wanted to show it off to everyone I knew!

Now for the background.  I'd heard wonderful things about Oliver + S patterns and I decided to try one.  Of course I didn't go with one of their simpler patterns but instead dove right into the School Days Jacket + Coat  that picture on the pattern envelope got me!  My instincts were overridden by the adorableness of that little bitty coat.  When I found the perfect fabric at the same store as I was buying the pattern I knew it was meant to be!  I bought another fabric to make a second version of the coat but I'll get to that later.

Here she is in all her glory:
Oh oh oh the closures kill me!

And the itty bitty hood!  So ADORABLE!

So many parts of this pattern were firsts for me.  First time doing a lining in a garment, first time doing a hood, first time with the closure type and first time with sleeves!  But I have to give Oliver + S a LOT of credit for an amazing pattern with so many pictures and great written instructions.  I especially love that they warn you that certain things may look/feel odd in process but will turn out perfectly!

Ah so in love!  Can't wait to share the next version of this coat with you :)

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